Saturday, July 17, 2010

Walking out of Eversong and into Ghostlands

Well, I've already broken one rule of this blog. I had planned to write after my first play session, but that didn't quite happen. I have so far been online for three days and played about 14 hours so far, and am already at level 17. However, my original plan had to be revised a little.

My plan, as detailed in the previous post, was to level my preexisting character to 55 so that I could roll Death Knights on various servers. I still plan to do this, but it's taken a back seat.

You see, about 3 years ago, my friends Dan and Adam (who I knew from college) persuaded me to get online. Around about the time that I quit the first time, Daniel also decided to quit, vowing never to play the game again. However, recently he and his girlfriend started playing again - on a different server, different faction.

As I didn't want to pay £40 to change realms and change faction, I decided to roll a new character - and so began the adventures of Vikíng, the Blood Elf Paladin(Prot). I decided to spec Prot due to one basic fact: at the moment, Paladins fucking own as tanks. Fortunately for me, the new dungeon finder system seems to favour parties that are lacking a tank - either that or on PVP servers, tanking is a forgotten art.

I jumped back in at the deep end to find some changes to the UI and the menu systems, but the core elements of the game itself hadn't changed.

One thing that I will say is that I never appreciated the Blood Elf starting area before - everything is so nice and streamlined that within my first play session I was level 10. That's 10 levels in four hours - not overly impressive, but pretty good. I think this was partly due to my class choice, though, but I could care less.

I'll update this later. More to come.

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