Friday, July 9, 2010


This blog will serve as a journal of my adventures in World of Warcraft. I have played WoW before but due to lack of enthusiasm/time/effort I never leveled a character to the preset cap. This time, I will. However, I refuse to pay the extortionate fees that would enable me to play with my friends (I would be charged for a server transfer to Frostwhisper-EU as well as a Faction change) - and so will level my Paladin to 55. When I reach that goal, I will buy the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and roll a Death Knight.

I have seen gameplay videos of Death Knights in various specs and roles but I fell in love with them long before Wrath was ever released purely on how awesome they look. Heavy plate armour with animal pelts and runic weapons is a tasty combination.

I have yet to decide my spec, though I suspect my natural aggressive play style will mean that I pour all my talent points into Blood, which is, as far as I know, the primary spec for DPS. My first character, Ésko, was a Fury Warrior and my second character Vikíng (who ironically got to be a higher level than Ésko did thanks to the fact that Warriors are a pain in the arse to level) was a Retribution Paladin.

I'll probably update this after my first play session - for now, I plan to enjoy the summer and when I get access to a decent Internet connection I'll reinstall and re-register. Chances are that I'll carry this hobby over into the next academic year - however my work takes priority, so when deadlines are looming, WoW will take a back seat in favour of studying.

See you in Dalaran!


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