Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vikíng, The Unstoppable


Hooah. Gear is kind of shitty right now. Been levelquesting a lot in Hillsbrad recently, where the experience gain per kill is 200exp+ on average. Means that things are fucking impossible to kill, and often they'll run before I can Justice them - so I end up getting swamped by mobs and have to pull some epic Paladin maneuvers to stay alive.

Ran Gnomeregan for experience with Paul earlier because I couldn't be bothered to quest for the additional experience it would have taken me to level. Turns out that I still had to quest for the final 400exp. I'm not shitting you. Thankfully I'd just stumbled on an interesting Blood Knight quest line wherein the second stage of the exercise sees you throwing down against 4 level 20 non-elite NPCs. As a 26, I laughed, layed down AOE Consecrate and /popcorned 'til they died.

Thanks to this quest line, I have gained an additional half level. Unfortunately the next stage of the quest will see me going into 4 separate instances - details of the quest are here.

Looks like I've got a long one tomorrow. With all the exp I'll gain from elite mobs in these instances, I'll be lucky if I hit 30 tomorrow. Fuck it, I'll be lucky if I hit 28 - quests are starting to dry up and I've got stuff to do.

Logging for the night. Peace.


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