Thursday, July 22, 2010


My good friend Dan is GM of a guild that we all have high hopes for. It's called Animosity.

This is their website.

And now, I will fill out an application form for the guild for the lulz; despite the fact that at present there is little point to me being a member.

A. Name: Viking

B. Age: 21

C. Primary Language: English

D. Connection: Stable

E. Do you have a mic and Ventrilo? Both.

F. Time Zone: GMT-London

G. Character Name: Vikíng

H. Class: Paladin

I. Main Spec: Protection

J. Why have you chosen this spec: Because I'm an epic tankadin!

K. Offspec: Retribution

L. Previous raiding experience including vanilla and BC if available: None actual, but extensive knowledge of raid dungeons, bosses and tactics in WoW, BC and WOTLK.

M. Previous guilds and why you left them: Ghost Council on Bronze Dragonflight due to my discontinuation of WoW two years ago. A year later, I was in Dissidence on the same server. Left for same reasons.

N. What professions do you use and why have you chosen them: I have yet to level professions but I'll probably end up doing Engineering and Alchemy.

O. What can you bring to Animosity: A sense of humour, tactics, strong leadership.

P. We raid 3 nights a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 10-1 server time and we require 2/3 raid attendance. Which of these can you attend? All of them.

Q. Have you read and understood the guild requirements listed above: Yes

Optional Questions
R. Is there anything you would like to add: I got the skill, motherfucker!! The skeeeeeeel!!1!

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