Thursday, July 22, 2010

/2 after Midnight

I think I remember why I used to say that players on PVP realms were very black-and-white.

On one side, we have the high-level players who are geared for PVP, play to win and are sporting. They're also mature and generally cool people to know, and willing to help out younger players / wiave fees for enchants/portals/potions etcetera. These people make up a majority of the realm I'm currently on.

Unfortunately, though, the other side of the coin is the other type of player. If you're familiar with general WoW structuring and sociality, then you'll understand what I mean when I say that this type collectively need to /delete themselves. They're high-level (but poorly specced or poorly geared - in most cases they're both), hypercompetetive but an extremely sore winner/loser (rubbing it in when they win, ragequitting and crying when they lose) and sell crap on the auction house for extortionate fees. These people are the kinds of people that would still have twinks, if Blizzard didn't already remove that problem with a previous patch.

Such an example of the immaturity of these players is their willingness to, instead of leveling, sit in a city and use the chat's trade channel (/2) as a social toy. Instead of listings for raids or items, we instead are treated to the delights of what fourteen-year-olds consider 'funny':

HERP DERP. Fucking seriously. Get out of trade with this crap. If you or anyone you know pulls this kind of shit because it's 'funny' or 'edgy' or you 'like taking WoW less seriously', facedesk yourselves. You're not clever. You're retarded.

On a less rage-filled note, I managed to get to 30 today! Well, almost. I said yesterday that I'd try, and I did - I've been doing other shit today, though. Still, I'm halfway through 29 - chances are I'll make 30 before I go to sleep if I run instances with Heather.

I'm out for now. Peace.

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