Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prot Paladin vs Mage Tank

So me and Dan and Paul were standing in south Westfall having just completed a Deadmines run. Dan pretty much aggroed the entire instance and layed down some fierce AOE with his priest Ihealú, which is an 80 - meaning that exp from individual kills ranged from 10 to 50. In terms of instance exp, normally this would be atrocious - but since he was able to kill so many of them so quickly, we reran a few times. This is known as 'boosting' for those of you unfamiliar with it and it's a moderately effective way to level up quickly between the 20 and 40. After 40, it gets tedious.

Anyway, me and Paul were both low-level at the time, and Dan suggested that we duel. After I was initially unenthusiastic (I couldn't be arsed) we started dueling.

As soon as the countdown was over, Paul placed upon me a freezing effect which cut my movement speed drastically - he then backpedaled, casting bolts of fire and frost at me. Unfortunately for him, Prot-specced Paladins can absorb damage like Zorbeez absorb water, so I walked up to him and just beat him to death. Being that we were on Skype at the time, I was quite amused with his mild rage that such an effective tactic had been shot down by sheer retarded damage-soaking.

A second duel started. He immediately began casting as many spells as he could to try and do as much damage as possible, but with my Devotion Aura enabled I took less damage - and after using Holy Light on myself until he was out of mana, I walked over and slapped him to death.

This got me thinking: Are certain classes/specs not meant to duel each other? I mean, later on that afternoon, Dan served me several platefuls of my own arse using his rogue alt. Granted, he was using extremely good bind-to-account gear that no average level 20 player should have.

I guess it's the old rock-paper-scissors conundrum. This reminds me of an old video I saw a while ago which is now horribly outdated (it's pre-Burning Crusade)

Somewhat true.

It's late. I'll totally finish this off later. 'Night.

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